CargoCoin is Looking to Shake up Logistics Using Blockchain

One of the best use cases for blockchain is logistics. One project CargoCoin is really taking off.

The CargoCoin is being created to reduce fraud, Lower Costs, Minimize Delays, Securing Information, Increasing Trust and Safe Archiving.

The platform CargoCoin is based on will include the following services: The Shipping Industry: The underlying asset of the Ecosystem; Containers. (FCL, LCL, OOG); Dry Bulk/Break Bulk; Liquid Bulk (tankers, chemical carriers, LNG, LPG); Liner Services; Essential Services to the trade & transport; Manning services (seafarers/crew for ships).


There so many websites rating blockchain projects like CargoCoin but not all of them are created equal. The sites below are well respected and provide quality information about blockchain projects like this. I encourage you to read different sources before committing to any particular project. has a solid 4.3 overall rating for CargoCoin. They broke this down 4.6 for ICO Profile, 4 for Team, 3.2 for Vision and 3 for Product. has a 8.4 out of 10 rating for CargoCoin. They gave ICO Profile 8.5, Social Activity 9, Team Proof 10, and Domain Score a 5. has a 4.6 out of 5 rating for CargoCoin. The high marks were for Description, Milestones, Whitepaper and Video.


If you are interested in this idea make sure to visit the home page of CargoCoin to learn more. I recommend reading their whitepaper before backing any project like this. Most ICOs will answer your questions if you contact them via their website or telegram.


One Page Summary:









cargocoin 1

I am not a crypto expert and this blog is not intended to be investing advice. I’m just a normal person like you, so always do your own research. I’m interested in promoting projects like this. I may own these coins soon but do not own any at the time of writing this blog. Learn more about projects I am following via my Twitter and Bitcointalk pages.

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